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Echo hair - means - eco-friendly

Hi, my name is Kelly,


 After 12 years of working for other salons, I took over Echo Hair in December 2018. 


Echo Hair is now part of the Sustainable Salons program. This innovative resource recovery program will help Echo Hair to reduce our carbon footprint, achieve zero waste and attain sustainable work practices.


Being eco-friendly has always been a must for me - right from the start. Growing up, I was taught to waste nothing and to leave places better than when I got there.


The team at Echo Hair are keenly aware that the key to long-term sustainability is through diminishing the waste we produce! 



How does it work?

Sustainable Salons collect and recycle 95% of our salon's resources. We start by sorting our waste into four recycling bins: hair, paper, glass and chemicals. Next, Sustainable Salons provide a regular door-to-door pick-up service to whisk our debris to their recycling centre.


Helping OzHarvest

All proceeds from repurposing salon supplies are donated to OzHarvest to distribute meals for those in need. The Sustainable Salons program provides more than 2,000 meals every month!


The team at Echo Hair are committed to become more environmentally sustainable, because sustainability is vital to our clients. 


Please contact me if you require any further information about the Sustainable Salons program at Echo Hair. Check out the video, below!


Cheers, Kelly. 😎 


Kelly Porter

Creative Director - Echo Hair

5 / 36 Musgrave Ave, Chirn Park, Queensland, 4215

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