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 Curly Hair Specialists 
Gold Coast 

Red Lipstick

Managing curly hair – let us help.

All the senior staff at Echo Hair have curly hair.  So, we speak from a position of real-life experience.


Did you know that you should try different strategies, cuts, and even different products during the year?


Curly hair can be challenging & rewarding in all four seasons 🍁.



The Echo Hair team invites you for a free consultation.

Our team will discuss your long term goals and what is important to you. 

What’s important!

  • Less frizz

  • More moisture 

  • More shine 

  • More manageable curls 


We also need to see the condition of your curly hair. 

Is it damaged?

Is it tightly bound?


Call us now on 07- 5591 7258 to make an appointment - or book here.

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