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Bhave Keratin
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Long Hair


 The difference between other salons and Echo Hair is that we spend time to understand your hair's nature.


  • Echo Hair use a specialised hair straightening iron that is thermostatically controlled and designed for use with Keratin Treatments.


  • The thermostat is adjusted to suit each individual's hair.


  • We iron each section of your hair 20 times to lock in the Keratin.


Did you know that you should try different strategies, cuts, and even different products during the year?


That's why it is vital we see your hair to find out its condition. And it's essential to have an experienced, professional hairdresser who can understand your hair's nature.


The Echo Hair team invites you for a free consultation. Our team will discuss your long term goals and what is important to you. 



Natural Beauty

The 5 step process




  • The hair is sectioned into four parts.

  • We apply the Keratin solution evenly.

  • Allow Bhave Smooth XT to absorb into the hair for 30 minutes for fine, thin, wavy hair or up to 60 minutes or resilient, thick or extremely curly hair. 



  • Please note: if your hair is damaged we may apply a deep conditioning masque/conditioner before ironing the hair.



  • Using a flat brush we will blow dry your hair until it is 100% dry.



  • We seal the Keratin solution into hair with a temperature controlled straightening iron at 200°C.

  • Temperatures may vary depending on hair quality.

  • Each layer of hairs may need to be straightened 20 times. Our process is labour-intensive but it delivers professional results.

Depending on the length and condition of your hair – the whole process can take between three and six hours.

Why have a Keratin Treatment?

If you are time-poor - but lust after smooth, luscious-looking locks that are low on maintenance but high on manageability, we have the solution for streamlining your beauty routine as well as your look.


Keratin smoothing is not a straightening treatment and, unlike other straightening services, does not restructure the hair. 

As a result, hair looks more natural with enhanced body, movement and manageability.


Natural Beauty

Why Echo Hair?

Echo Hair are the best Keratin treatment specialists in Labrador / Southport.

  • We have a close working relationship with Bhave Australia.

  • The Echo Hair team has worked with Bhave products over 10 years.

  • We take the time to make sure your hair looks healthy and fabulous.

All our Keratin treatments are Australian made. 

Late night by appointment. 

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