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Organic Hair Colour Gold Coast

Our Experience

Kelly is a certified senior trainer in ZenzTherapy Organic Hair Colour and has used ZenzTherapy for over fifteen years. ZenzTherapy recognises Kelly as a leading Hair Colour technician. 

About our

Organic Hair Colour

Some people call it organic hair colour, others call it non-toxic - but at Echo Hair - we call it ZenzTherapy Alternative hair colour. 


Whatever you call it, our Alternative hair colour gives 100% coverage, plus rich, vibrant colours without the toxicity of traditional hair-colour systems.


The philosophy - at ZenzTherapy - is that what they leave out of their products is just as important as what they put in.


The result is a professional hair-colour system – without ammonia, resorcinol or PPD. Instead, ZenzTherapy contains natural ingredients like Jojoba Oil and essential oils from Tea Trees, Lavender and Rosemary.  World-class technology combined with the wisdom of nature results in intense, shiny and lasting colour.


ZenzTherapy Alternative Colour is a colour system with 86 different shades, distributed on mixed toners, including intensely warm and cool tones; while ensuring 100 % coverage of grey hair.

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